On the night

So fellow Hangouters – you have registered for the night, you have spread the word, put up posters, shouted it out, and raised money. WELL DONE! Looks like you are ready for Hangout.

You may be wondering, what do I do on the night? Good question. Below are lots of activities to do whilst Hanging out for the Homeless.

If you haven’t already, make sure you;

  • choose a simple meal from the recipe section and plan your shopping list
  • see what items you may be able to make/bake/donate for your local shelter
  • keep in touch with us via social media  02_facebook 10_instagram YOUTUBE-round-128px


Quiz time!

For all ages

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Quiz Answers


What will you eat tonight?

People experiencing homelessness often suffer from food insecurity – they do not know where their next meal will be coming from.

As you are already leaving your bed for the night, how about taking it one step further by also eating a cheap & cheerful meal?  As you are preparing your meal, think about;

  • the cost of the food
  • what you need to prepare the meal e.g. stove, oven, utensils etc.
  • how do the ingredients need to be stored? e.g. do they need to be kept cold?
  • would somebody living on the street be able to prepare this meal?
  • what would somebody who is experiencing homelessness be eating tonight?

Cheap & Cheerful recipes



Hot Pot


Check out the Yhunger cookbooks –Reheat or Made Fresh, aimed at 12-24 year olds experiencing, or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Recipes cost less than $4 a serve.