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I’ve registered for Hangout, now what?

Congratulations fellow Hangout sleeper. You have taken your first step in making a change about youth homelessness in Australia. Now we want you to tell everybody about the good work you are doing!

Below are some ideas on how you can spread the word. If you think of others, be sure to post it on our Facebook page, or send us an email. We also would love to hear about how you are going to sleep rough.


Here at HOFTH (Hangout for The Homeless), we are really proud of what we do and also, we are really proud of you for signing-up to sleep rough and becoming a change-maker. Now we want you to be proud and shout aloud through social media to spread the word, and hopefully snag some sponsorship along the way….

We’ve put together some sample posts you can share. Be sure to use the #hangoutforthehomeless and tag Hangout for the Homeless.

  • I’m sleeping rough on 28 August for youth homelessness. Join me and be a change maker. #hangoutforthehomeless
  • It’s time to make change for the 44,000 Australian youths who do not have a safe and secure place to sleep tonight #hangoutforthehomeless. Hangout for the Homeless on 28/8/2021.
  • Did you know 460 children under the age of 12 will be sleeping rough tonight? Join me on Saturday 28 August and Hangout for the Homeless #hangoutforthehomeless
  • Did you know that homelessness has increased in Australia by 14% over the last 5 years? It is time to make change. #hangoutforthehomeless
  • Be part of the change – Hangout for the Homeless #hangoutforthehomeless
  • I’m Hanging out for the Homeless because every young person deserves a future #hangoutforthehomeless


So perhaps public speaking is more your thing, terrific! Typically, we would get you to speak in front of your class, or in a school assembly. This year, we need you to shout it out online. Record your speech and email it to everybody you know! Or post it on social media. Get creative, get loud! Shout it out! The more people you can reach out to spread awareness of youth homelessness, the better.

If you are speaking publicly about Hangout for the Homeless, remember to;

  • share Briana or Ethan’s experience of being homeless (see ‘Know your Stuff“)
  • educate people on what being homeless means
  • share some statistics about youth homelessness in Australia (see the ‘Know Your Stuff‘ page or visit the Homelessness Australia website)
  • share with your audience about what Hangout for the Homeless is (see ‘About Us’ page)
  • invite your audience to join you in Hanging out for the Homeless or to sponsor you for sleeping rough
  • explain that Hangout 2021 is proudly supporting Kids Under Cover. Tell them about what Kids Under Cover does.
  • remind your audience that the only rule is no sleeping in a bed. If 460 children under the age of 12 have to sleep rough every night, they can give up their bed for one night to help alleviate youth homelessness
  • state what the goal of HOFTH is for the year, i.e. for 2021, KiP is hoping to raise $10,000 to help keep at risk youths off the street.

Perhaps finish with a statement that calls your audience to action ‘Remember, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Get involved and be a Hangout Hero.’

Keep your presentation short and simple. If you need further material, get in touch with us! We may even be able to set-you up with someone experiencing homelessness to speak at your event.

Be sure to jump on social media and let us know how you shouted it out.


So there are still people out there who are not on social media, no worries, we have you covered. Below there are links for posters, images and logos you are free to use!

Put posters up at school, your sports club, dance school…. where else can you think of? Send us your ideas of spreading the word via email or the KiP Facebook page.

1. HOFTH 2021 A4 sleep rough poster

2. Social media image

3. Email banner

4. Images and logos;

logo-1024x743Kids Under Cover logoKIP Transparent Blue